Master in Entrepreneurship Program WHU

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Master in Entrepreneurship Program – Germany’s #1 ranked choice for your career.

This program is suited for many different people with different plans for their future: The corporate transformer For students that want to work in a corporate setting, but wish to bring innovation and a more dynamic perspective to a company. Become a change-maker through modules such as Corporate Entrepreneurship and Visual Prototyping. The founder and entrepreneur Do you already have your own business or new ideas you want to develop? The MiE can help you improve skills needed to successfully run a start-up, build a strong network, and find investors. Sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and expand your tool kit! The consultant or venture capitalist Through strategy modules and courses such as Entrepreneurial Finance, the MiE prepares candidates for a career in industries that are key determinants of the success of start-ups. Learn more about value creation and scaling to become a key player. The technology expert Knowledge around coding, AI, and the latest technology is growing in importance for top management positions. There is an increasing need for employees who can work at the intersection between tech offices, RD, and management. Be the knowledge link.
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