MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship

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MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship is a one-year programme for bachelors in business administration, economics, finance, science and business, or industrial design.

Who is this programme for? Are you passionate about developing ideas for new products or services and eager to start your own business? Are you ambitious enough to transform an existing organization to renew it and scale it up? If yes, Strategic Entrepreneurship (MScSE) is the master program for you. It is a one-year full-time programme open to bachelor students in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Science and Business, and Engineering. What does this programme offer? It provides you with the entrepreneurial skills that are necessary to succeed in the global market. The program is tailored for action-based learning. This means that theories of entrepreneurial strategies are combined with first-hand experience of the entrepreneurial process either in the form of starting a new venture or renewing an existing organization. We support you in the process of becoming an entrepreneur by fostering your critical and creative thinking, improving your decision-making skills in the context of uncertainty, and enhancing your interpersonal skills (including cross-cultural communication and negotiation). Such a skillset is in high-demand in the current job market, which emphasizes the hiring of self-driven individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit.
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