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Graham Seymour

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I help thought-leaders across all spaces and verticals figure out what they're good at and accelerate, while identifying the chinks in their armor/critical weakpoints, so that I can work with them to either:1. Resolve those blockers and issues, along with my highly elastic global team of experts, in a consultative capacity, and, or:2. Engage any of our 40 SaaS/Software/Technology/Strategic partners in order to do things like:**- **🌎 Go to market faster, or in a new region/vertical.**- **🖌 Lock in perfect branding that amazes, delights, and produces.**- **💸 Raise funding to take off at warpspeed.**- **📈 Develop and execute the right strategy to keep that speed, and accelerate!**- **⚡ Analyze your business for opportunities: automation, incremental revenue, optimization, re-organization, procrastination, and Face the Nation.**- **🧠 Iterate for you continually, innovatively churning out new products and services that both extend your reach AND respect central themes of your branding.**> ***Put as simply as possible: I help you get where you're going, OR where you need to be, once we arrive at that realization through an intensive proprietary process of shared brainstorming and Vulcan Mind Meld 🖖***