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Paul Singh

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Passionate and dedicated to creating community-based sustainability outcomes for communities and individuals, Paul is a focused and experienced Practitioner, Lecturer, Researcher, and lifelong learning advocate of:- Management; Marketing; Strategy; Tourism Management; Innovation; Entrepreneurship; Hospitality and Events Management Disciplines.- Tourism-related Services; Financial Services; Higher Education Management, Research, Teaching and Learning; and Research and Management Consultancy; and- Strategic Planning, Policy and Development activities and implementation such as: Sustainable Development; Regional Tourism Management and Marketing Strategies, and Tourism Policy and Development; SME Development, and Regional and Economic Development;- Private Sector, Government Sector; Not-for-profit and Social Enterprise Sector; Higher Education and Vocational Education Sectors contexts.A firm believer in experiential learning, integrated workplace learning, and engaging partnerships between industry, government, and community, Paul is a 'pracademic' who lives and works for his communities, and uses his cross-disciplinary knowledge to provide better outcomes and equity for all.Paul's teaching and research is supported by being an experienced manager in Financial Services, Tourism Management and Marketing (within an economic and regional development context), and Higher Education Sectors. Paul is internationally experienced, and has is particularly knowledgeable on Australia and New Zealand Business and Government contexts, and nexus of the future of work, sustainability, innovation, and policy and development. With work experience in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and China he brings considerable experience and knowledge to advance the interests of his stakeholders.