Building a Culture of Experimentation


Building a Culture of Experimentation

Whether you are operating in a startup space or a part of a huge company, something that has a huge impact on innovation is the culture of experimentation. Yet, this is not easy to cultivate in a company and requires careful and thoughtful actions from everyone. Brian Ardinger has some insights about how best to build cultures of experimentation, and the methods to do it. Brian Ardinger is the Director of Innovation at Nelnet, most commonly known for being a student loan service, but which also operates in other financial services. At Nelnet, Brian is involved in innovation externally, in startup investing, and internally, in helping build a culture of innovation across the different business units. Brian is also the founder of InsideOut.IO, a podcast, newsletter, and event series that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, people who are interested in innovation, the new world of work, and the new world we are living in. What’s the difference between innovation inside the company and outside of the company? Brian shares his thoughts on how these types of innovation complement each other and integrate with each other. We also dig into why ideas often go nowhere and innovation gets stuck, as well as the appropriate metrics to be using in the early stages of innovation. Brian also talks us through how he thinks of building a culture of experimentation with a unique methodology and why everyone needs to equip themselves with skills of innovation and entrepreneurship. com Mentioned in This Episode: Brian Ardinger on LinkedIn Brian Ardinger on Twitter Nelnet InsideOut .
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