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When it comes to innovation and creativity, sometimes having a vision bigger than yourself and your self-interest can be the driving force that pushes you to take your ideas to the next level. Kate Sullivan, powerhouse of experience, insight, and personality, joins me in this episode to dig into what makes people innovative and successful.Kate Sullivan is the creator ofTo Dine For, a program on PBS that is currently in its third season. On her show, Kate brings together her personal passion for food and her background in journalism with more than a decade of experience to interview remarkable guests at their favorite restaurants. She showcases a different side of her guests, who are at the intersection of creativity and innovation and have brought something to life through their hard work and hustle.It was not smooth sailing for Kate’s show from the start. She shares more about the inspiration for the show, and how she managed to get through the initial period when it seemed like her idea was not working. Kate also reveals her criteria for selecting guests and has some great tips on becoming a better active listener and how to move forward when your ideas get rejected. We also explore the role of mindset in creativity and innovation, and strive to explain why having a vision beyond yourself can be critical to innovation... Join us on LaunchStreet — Mentioned in This Episode: To Dine For On PBS To Dine For On Amazon Prime Sara Blakely of Spanx We forget the fact that they came from humble beginnings and put so much hard work into their visions.


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