Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

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Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

If you want an innovative company, your job is to manage the chaos. Managing chaos may sound like a contradiction in terms. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Isn’t the manager’s job to wring order out of chaos? Not always. If you want to invent something new, or reinvent something at a spectacular order of magnitude, you have to suppress management. Let your employees pursue wild ideas that may raise your eyebrows. It’s not for you to judge whether their ideas are good or bad. It’s for your employees to prove it through freewheeling experiment. I wanted to talk to Eric Schmidt about this, because he pushes the anti-management philosophy to its outer limits—as CEO of Google, and now as chairman of the parent company, Alphabet.
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Rupert Amberson

Innovator | Talk Show Host

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One of the best podcast epsiodes on innovation culture I have ever listened to. Eric really gets it summarized so well when he says chaosmanaged chaos. It is so true! And the episode is well produced and nice to listen to what a treat.


The podcast does not give any scientific backing, it would be good with some numbers and data.


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