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Really Good Innovation surfaces the best new innovation resources, every day. It's a place for innovation-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest resources, tools, consultancies and success stories.

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We are Jan and Robin, two students at Copenhagen Business School, pursuing a Master in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

A lot of the development around us depends on decisive innovation that can foster not only industry growth but enables change in society as a whole. We feel like it's time to democratize access to the tools of innovation so teams and companies can stop repeating the same old mistakes.  

Being Innovative is not magic. It is about hard work,  knowledge creation and working together.

Community Members

We love to provide you with stories based on our own interviews with innovative companies and select the right tools for your innovation journey. However, we think that our collection will only be great if we have a community that supports us and contributes to the content of the website. Our third team member is therefore our community of contributors to whom we are really grateful. Thanks for your support - let's support each other and help everyone to become better Innovators. Do you want to become part of the community? Please reach out to us! We are happy to have a conversation and to hear your feedback and your creative ideas!

Basheir Hashim profile picture
Produt Builder Founder
Alex Lees profile picture
I'm a Director of a Video Production company who focus on driving awareness and growth of Innovative businesses. Supporting the businesses directly and the Universities that support those businesses.
Florian Wolf profile picture
Florian is founder and CEO at Mergeflow, and responsible for company strategy and product design. Florian has a PhD in Cognitive Sciences from MIT, where some of his work was funded by DARPA.
Marc Tromp profile picture
Account Executive and Venture Developer
María Emilia Burgos profile picture
As an International Relations Analyst on climate change
Nora Chatib profile picture
“ Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river “
Kevin Richard profile picture
Senior Designer & Strategist in the Swiss🇨🇭 FinTech & Banking industry. Critical / Design / Systems Thinker & practitioner —Design as a catalyst for change.
Piet Forrest profile picture
I am taeching innovation in High School in a innovative Way
Barbara  Wong profile picture
Design consultant focuses on design for social innovation
Ivan Sanchez  profile picture
Production Manager, innovation Consultant
Raju Gurung profile picture
I'm an organisational problem solver and a serial entrepreneur working at the intersection of globalisation, technology, sustainability and mindfulness. With my team at our impact startups- IKIGAAI and PlanetLocal, we use digital technologies to build a more equitable and responsible world by empowering small independent artisans and designers. In my consulting and advisory work with different biotech and Fortune 500 companies, I design human-centred solutions to bolster customer experience, reduce organisational complexity, and build systems to drive innovation through biology. When I'm not working, I stretch and meditate, travel to new places, explore cuisine, art and culture, do photography, engage in philanthropy & coach entrepreneurs & students to create purposeful lives.
Elena  giordano profile picture
Elena Giordano, Italy.
Michiel Huisken profile picture
I'm not your average product developer. I'm on a mission to transform industries, grow businesses, and improve lives. My life’s work is to drive the actions that enables the connection of things, information, and people.
Jara Rodríguez Alonso profile picture
Technology enthusiast driven by endless curiosity.
Kal Dimitrov profile picture
Hi, nice to meet you! Here's more about me.I'm an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the education management and online marketing industries. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Event Management, Blogging, Keyword research , and Google Webmaster Tools.Currently working as an SEO
Paul Singh profile picture
Passionate and dedicated to creating community-based sustainability outcomes for communities and individuals, Paul is a focused and experienced Practitioner, Lecturer, Researcher, and lifelong learning advocate of:- Management; Marketing; Strategy; Tourism Management; Innovation; Entrepreneurship; Hospitality and Events Management Disciplines.- Tourism-related Services; Financial Services; Higher Education Management, Research, Teaching and Learning; and Research and Management Consultancy; and- Strategic Planning, Policy and Development activities and implementation such as: Sustainable Development; Regional Tourism Management and Marketing Strategies, and Tourism Policy and Development; SME Development, and Regional and Economic Development;- Private Sector, Government Sector; Not-for-profit and Social Enterprise Sector; Higher Education and Vocational Education Sectors contexts.A firm believer in experiential learning, integrated workplace learning, and engaging partnerships between industry, government, and community, Paul is a 'pracademic' who lives and works for his communities, and uses his cross-disciplinary knowledge to provide better outcomes and equity for all.Paul's teaching and research is supported by being an experienced manager in Financial Services, Tourism Management and Marketing (within an economic and regional development context), and Higher Education Sectors. Paul is internationally experienced, and has is particularly knowledgeable on Australia and New Zealand Business and Government contexts, and nexus of the future of work, sustainability, innovation, and policy and development. With work experience in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and China he brings considerable experience and knowledge to advance the interests of his stakeholders.
Hanisha Arora profile picture
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Martha Amada profile picture
I am a curious digital junkie who love to solve problems using design thinking and agile methodologies. Starting from a blank page, I create, scale, and optimize business portfolios that matter. I focus on the key outcomes; building amazing team synergies, acknowledging the customer journey, and adapting to new learnings.
Aditi Syal profile picture
I am a copywriter and content strategist at Concurate.
Rik Doclo profile picture
Passionate about showing the added value of Innovation, Sustainability and Technology
DESIGN MATERIAL profile picture
A product hunter who likes to find new technology and learn new stuff to innovate.
Taiga Rodriguez profile picture
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George Krasadakis profile picture
Author of 'The Innovation Mode' • 20 patents on Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and IoT • 20 years of digital product development – from concept to launch • 80+ innovative, data-driven projects • 10 multinational corporations • 4 technology startups • 1 book • Founder of ‘Datamine decision support systems’.
Bhavin Pandya profile picture
Business Innovation | Strategy | Transformation
Max Nankosch profile picture
Corporate Innovation Consultant
Marius Soulas profile picture
Former VC, désormais passionné d'innovation de nouvelles tendances
Dragana Vukasinovic profile picture
Founder and CEO and Chief Scientist @Fauna Smart Technologies
Jayson Jackson profile picture
I am an innovation group leader for a global technology company based in Toronto
Frederik Krose profile picture
Interested in any collaboration to ideate on new business ideas!
Lara Ganden profile picture
Ambitious student and entrepreneur with a growth hacker mindset.
Ladislav Drabek profile picture
Innovation & Entrepreneurship, searching for inspiration and community with right mindset
Radhika Dutt profile picture
Behavioural science
Alvin Tan profile picture
Innovative Product Designer
Tim Neckebroeck profile picture
Head of Marketing
Graham Seymour profile picture
I help thought-leaders across all spaces and verticals figure out what they're good at and accelerate, while identifying the chinks in their armor/critical weakpoints, so that I can work with them to either:1. Resolve those blockers and issues, along with my highly elastic global team of experts, in a consultative capacity, and, or:2. Engage any of our 40 SaaS/Software/Technology/Strategic partners in order to do things like:**- **🌎 Go to market faster, or in a new region/vertical.**- **🖌 Lock in perfect branding that amazes, delights, and produces.**- **💸 Raise funding to take off at warpspeed.**- **📈 Develop and execute the right strategy to keep that speed, and accelerate!**- **⚡ Analyze your business for opportunities: automation, incremental revenue, optimization, re-organization, procrastination, and Face the Nation.**- **🧠 Iterate for you continually, innovatively churning out new products and services that both extend your reach AND respect central themes of your branding.**> ***Put as simply as possible: I help you get where you're going, OR where you need to be, once we arrive at that realization through an intensive proprietary process of shared brainstorming and Vulcan Mind Meld 🖖***
Jennie Dschaak profile picture
As Chief Content Officer
Mohammed Alrwashed profile picture
There is nothing special about me I just love helping people
Deepak Kumar Prabakaran profile picture
CEO .io . Built Orcaso.io and Habitate.io.
Pedro Teixeira Duarte profile picture
Lawyer with a digital company.
Ben Da profile picture
WebDev from Germany
Garth Reeves profile picture
Failing to ensure and enhance the user experience can lead to business stagnation and eventually its downfall. User Experience (UX) denotes the way a person feels while interacting with a website, desktop or web application, etc. UX software helps in assessing the overall impression the person develops from the system interaction; the process they undergo to find your business products and the action sequence they follow while interacting. The knowledge of these will help to retain the existing clients and also turn potential customers into actual buyers online by improving the user experience of your website or application.
Patrick Hartwig profile picture
UX/UI Designer and Health Pioneer
Adam Adamek profile picture
International R
Cristian  marius profile picture
design proficiency, user interface, prototyping, wireframing, 2D explanatory animation, software development, product development, innovation
pepe prueba profile picture
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Varna Sri Raman SR profile picture
Tim Pulver profile picture
Creative Technologist
Steve Ng profile picture
Cher Davis  profile picture
I am a psychologist (aka) talk doctor by day and Frankey’s servant at night. Frankey is my 13 year old chihuahua mix canine. He likes dinner at 5pm.
Stephen Weber profile picture
I’m a creator who wants to make useful and beautiful things to make the world better
Martin The man profile picture
I help purpose-driven companies attract and retain highly profitable customers at scale
Shawn Covely profile picture
Owner of a youth sports organization looking to grow and innovate in our field.
Mike Wittenstein profile picture
I help leaders figure out their game plan and the story that excites their employees to make it real.
BB BB profile picture
I am awesome
Eszter Csent profile picture
A student looking to delve into the business world and help people build effective systems.
Nazir Ahmed Sabbir profile picture
Founder | Mentor | Developer | Writer | Speaker | Mozilla Reps
Annie Y profile picture
Throughout my career, I have adapted to working in fast-paced environments, collaborate and communicate effectively with teams.
Joanna  Bakas profile picture
I am the founder of LHBS Consulting Berlin. We work with leading companies to make more customer centric, agile and innovative. Our motto is 'Understand Today. Shape Tomorrow'.
Thomas V profile picture
word up all y'all!
mary shia profile picture
AI in beauty industry
Johanna Baare profile picture
Business Design and Strategy Transformation Expert! I bring together expertise in Management Consulting for DAX30 corporates with Business Design in startups - I speak corporate and entrepreneur!
Topix10 Official profile picture
Helping designers to choose best without effort.
Peter Panfly profile picture
Let's get started
Matt Atkins profile picture
Product Manager - Comcast
Chanakya Jonnalagadda profile picture
Medical professional, based in South Africa, with an interest in technology and assisting a startup develop it's online presence,
Gro Kruger profile picture
Founder at Gro Co
Jonathan Aglen profile picture
Im a creative director for my own ad agency. I also have some cool side projects.
Kai L profile picture
Application Manager
kira online profile picture
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Raffaele Noncebisogno profile picture
Curious to see what other people use to innovate!
Antonio Bell profile picture
I like writing about web, marketing, business, startup and music. And everything else.
Aseem Taneja profile picture
Passionate about good software and design. Dabbler. Tinkerer. Frontend engineer.
Jaz Blakeston-Petch profile picture
🇬🇧 Product Manager for Domino’s 🍕
Brandon Hayes profile picture
Waterford based innovator. Hit me up about workshops.
courtney werner profile picture
Cofounder of KOYA Innovations, samba admirer, marketing fanatic, and adventure enthusiast with a background in Psychology and Global Communications.
Rohit Bhoite profile picture
I am working as a Senior software engineer with experience of mobile, web, cloud technologies. I have deep interest in creating products, entrepreneurship.
Robin Christensen profile picture
Design Research Expert at Stanford
Jake Nelson profile picture
Indie dev working on fitness apps, building https://evohiitapp.com
Khaled Nobani profile picture
Senior Interactive Designer
Moana Inos profile picture
Serial entrepreneur interested in sustainability
Maximilian Bauer profile picture
Corporate innovation expert in automobile sector
Vanessa Maier profile picture
Just here to check new innovation resources
Lars Kung profile picture
Badass innovator
Carl Song profile picture
Living the american dream! Next goal one billion!
Martin Eleven profile picture
Innovation enthusiast and author

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