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Really Good Innovation surfaces the best new innovation resources, every day. It's a place for innovation-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest resources, tools, consultancies and success stories.

Our Story

We are Jan and Robin, two students at Copenhagen Business School, pursuing a Master in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

A lot of the development around us depends on decisive innovation that can foster not only industry growth but enables change in society as a whole. We feel like it's time to democratize access to the tools of innovation so teams and companies can stop repeating the same old mistakes.  

Being Innovative is not magic. It is about hard work,  knowledge creation and working together.

Community Members

We love to provide you with stories based on our own interviews with innovative companies and select the right tools for your innovation journey. However, we think that our collection will only be great if we have a community that supports us and contributes to the content of the website. Our third team member is therefore our community of contributors to whom we are really grateful. Thanks for your support - let's support each other and help everyone to become better Innovators. Do you want to become part of the community? Please reach out to us! We are happy to have a conversation and to hear your feedback and your creative ideas!

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Author of 'The Innovation Mode' • 20 patents on Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and IoT • 20 years of digital product development – from concept to launch • 80+ innovative, data-driven projects • 10 multinational corporations • 4 technology startups • 1 book • Founder of ‘Datamine decision support systems’.
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Business Innovation | Strategy | Transformation
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Corporate Innovation Consultant
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Former VC, désormais passionné d'innovation de nouvelles tendances
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Founder and CEO and Chief Scientist @Fauna Smart Technologies
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Interested in any collaboration to ideate on new business ideas!
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Ambitious student and entrepreneur with a growth hacker mindset.
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship, searching for inspiration and community with right mindset
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Behavioural science