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Lunar - McKinsey Design

A design-focused innovation consultancy, LUNAR’s broad array of skills serve their clients all the way through the development process.

?What If! Innovation

Innovation consultancy that emphasizes on de-risking innovative growth through identifying the human problem and then experiment to develop the right solution.


Global innovation firm that combines leading business experience, user research, and a design-led approach to help clients across a broad spectrum of industries.


Helping companies to attract public funding and assisting them in turning your ideas into structured RD&I projects with clear market-oriented scopes.


Emphasizing on the importance of business transformation, product/service innovation, and breakthrough communications.


A global innovation consultancy focused on brand consulting, design and creating brand-led growth.

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Compare Innovation Consultancies

Innovation consultants can help organizations create processes that make it easy for new ideas to be heard and adopted and channels for better communication and collaboration around those ideas. This free tool helps you choose an innovation consultancy based on your requirements.

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