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A curated list of the best tools that can help you structure your innovation process. From idea generation, over customer feedback to strategy development; everything you need to innovate and differentiate yourself.

Trend Profile

Evaluate different trends and their potential market impact by using the trend profile as a structure for your data.

Trend Mapping

Gain an overview and map the most important drivers of change that could influence your business and bring opportunities for innovation.

Test Card

Use the test card to design all kinds of different experiments to test and validate your business hypotheses in a structured way.

Learning Card

Capture insights from your experiments with the help of learning cards and thereby prove or disprove your hypotheses based on data.

Innovation Battlefield

Evaluate the importance and novelty of products or service features and take decisions on what elements to focus on.

Empathy Map

Use the empathy map to get a deeper understanding of your customers and capture what drives them emotionally and cognitively.

Customer Persona

Understand a specific target group by designing a customer persona profile in order to address their needs appropriately.

Feedback Capture Grid

Structure feedback from stakeholders and draw conclusions on how to change your value proposition for the better.

Business Model Canvas

Use the business model canvas to describe the details of how your organization creates, captures and delivers value to its customers.

Value Proposition Canvas

Develop a thorough understanding of your customers, of what value proposition you offer them, and how the two parts fit.

Opportunity map

Zoom in on the problems that your users want to solve and identify opportunities as white spots where competition is still limited.

Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas

Plot the performance of your value proposition against your competitors or against potential substitutes to develop new strategic routes.

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