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A.I. Requires Repositioning Your Workforce Rather Than Laying Them Off

Artificial intelligence (A.I.), one of the 20 core technologies I identified back in 1983 as the drivers of exponential economic value creation, has started out simple. From Amazon’s Alexa, Siri on your iPhone, or proclaiming hey, Google… in your home , there are several small but impactful applications of A.I. that have become fully integrated in our world today. Now, following a historic moment in contemporary history dominated by a global pandemic, A.I. advancements have been turbocharged like never before. Consumer products that implement A.I. that have been in the spotlight for a handful of years are now having to share that fame with Information Technology (IT) solutions and its place in industry. If you haven’t already, from this point forward, it would be a good idea to keep a closer eye on A.I.’s rapid development and look for both predictable problems as well as amazing opportunities. Disrupting IT Operations Now that A.I. is starting to work its way into jobs and specific industries, many who turned a blind eye to its consumer and entertainment-based applications are now starting to get uneasy. A job as an IT professional has been in increasing demand since the widespread growth of the Internet in the workplace, with the job market loaded with various opportunities. But as A.I. makes its way into the workplace, the tasks of an IT professional are rapidly transforming into something entirely different. For example, A.I. and what’s called Machine Learning (M.L. The fact of the matter is as the Internet and digital technologies evolve, so do cybercriminals.I.L.I.I.