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Whatever we do, we do far better when we become emotionally connected. Often understanding a good story builds this emotional connection or simply puts you off. Stories can inspire and spark even greater ideas. The art of storytelling and making connections with the listener or reader has incredible value. A story has limited value for me, it is the more powerful narrative that drives innovation, inspiring and gaining identification in multiple ways. A story is linked to a series of events that take a character from one state to another. In contrast, a narrative is a system of stories that links values and events to establish a broader and often new cultural meaning. Let’s drawdown on so much of John Hagel’s work on narratives . It has shaped my thinking. John ran the Deloitte Center for the Edge. Alongside an extraordinary group of people, they progressively built up a growing understanding of differences between stories and narratives and take out narratives to a clearer institutional level. I would like to quote some of his writing here as it gives me, and I hope you, the reader, a richer understanding of narratives and why they are so important to us. Narratives have great power, but their power increases dramatically when building on other narratives. Context and location are critical to enhancing the power of narrative. Stories are self-contained (they have a beginning, middle and resolution), and they are about the storyteller or some other person they are not about the listener. Narratives have an extraordinary power of pull. They shape.


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