Innovation, Competition & ...

Innovation, Competition & ...
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Examine issues regarding the collaborative use of Intellectual Property and its impact in the innovation process.

Innovation, Competition and Collaboration explores intellectual property (IP) in an era of fast-paced innovation, where private contractual arrangements for shared use of IP are seen to enhance competitive advantage. This timely book examines emerging innovation models and offers a forward-thinking, globalized perspective on critical developments in IP law.

As innovation processes become increasingly collaborative, new relationships among players in the innovation space emerge. These developments demand new legal structures that allow horizontally integrated, open and shared use of IP. In this book, expert contributors review fundamental issues surrounding the collaborative use of IP and discuss emerging trends. The topics discussed include: the interpretation of FRAND terms in the context of standard essential patents; secondary liability of technology providers; contractual arrangements in trademark law, and the treatment of IP issues in specific emerging industries.

Academics and practitioners alike will find this compelling discussion both informative and pragmatic, benefiting from the insight into how and why, in this modern innovation environment, competitive advantage is not premised solely on IP exclusivity.

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