Our purpose is your innovation

Zabala Brussels is the European hub of Zabala Innovation Consulting which brings together (230+) experienced advisors located internationally across multiple offices and specialising in assisting clients with access to grant funding from a number of European and International authorities.

Our global reach traces its roots back to 1986, when our founder and current CEO identified the need to assist companies across Europe with planning their R&D activities to attract appropriate public funding and investments. Since that time, our commitment to our clients and their innovation strategies has seen us grow steadily alongside them, both in size and expertise, to become an integral and dependable part of their operations.

We pride ourselves on delivering our global services in accordance with our core values, comprising of: Trust, Respect, Cooperation, Innovation, Commitment, Professional competence, Independence and Responsibility. It is these core values that we have relied on since our initial work on the first European Framework-Programme, and still rely on today to deliver our professional services to our clients. 

Area of expertise

Innovation - first hand

Zabala is committed to innovation from within, by participating and working on studies supported by the European Commission. Our areas of expertise include Smart Cities (transport, environment, materials and energy), ICT (open data, security, mobile and IoT), Health (biotech, chemistry and agri-food), and technologies aimed at improving production processes and products across different industrial sectors.

Fast Facts:

  • +230 qualified professionals
  • 2,000 proposal submitted per year
  • 8,000 clients
  • 12 Offices internationally located
  • 30 years of experience
  • 500 Lead projects