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6 Examples of Breakthrough Innovation

Breakthrough innovation comes in two forms: new technology that relies on an existing business model or a new business model that utilizes existing technology.

One great example of breakthrough innovation is Dyson. No list of breakthrough innovations would be complete without including them. They brought the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner to market by harnessing new technology and creating a great brand experience around it.

Dyson’s innovations began from a design perspective. First, they would propose a new, radical change to a product - for example, a cyclone instead of a bag – and would then create a prototype to test this idea. Through iterative rounds of experimentation, hundreds of small, incremental innovations would then be made to the product until it is a high-functioning and thoroughly tested item. Over time, this process has allowed the Dyson brand to develop a reputation for producing  quality products, whilst becoming a disruptor.

Here is a video that shows the whole innovation story of Dyson:

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