Going beyond the known of today

Going beyond the known of today
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Going beyond the known of today

There are so many places where innovation is essential within the Energy Transition, due to the magnitude, size, and complexity of the change needed to achieve a decarbonized world. There is a world of innovating possibilities One of the most important catalysts for changing the energy system into a sustainable green one is by taking our thinking beyond the known into the possibilities we need for a sustaining future, of energy based on the ability for renewables to generate all our electrification needs. We need to build out all our renewable possibilities that include solar, wind, hydro, green hydrogen and nuclear energy. It is in this combination of pursuit, nurturing, and expanding our thinking through the thoughtful constructing of a vision built on knowledge, exploration and understanding, that we can mobilize the changes needed. My energy journey is being navigated across the three-time horizons. For many years I have been a powerful advocate for applying the three-horizon framework and the thinking that should go into it, to offer a highly effective way to translate change, to gain a shared identification and common pursuit of purpose. My opener for relating to the three-horizon framework Opener to the Three Horizons for Innovation Can we move beyond what we know, into what might be possible? To achieve that we need to create the environment of discovery, through research and developments. We need to pursue, nurture, and see beyond as our three points of delivering change within the Energy transition. www.innovating4energy.website www.innovating4energy.com www.
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