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Nips McGee and the Sustainable Innovation Fund

Hands up who’s sick to the back teeth with living life virtually? I even had my interview for this job via Zoom: sat there in my smart jacket with my hair done all posh, the interview panel blissfully unaware I had teamed this look with baggy PJ bottoms and an overweight geriatric cat on my lap. I looked forward to travelling the land visiting fascinating projects because a vaccine was on the way and the end was nigh. Well, not terribly nigh as it turns out: here we are in lockdown v.3. So, in this strange virtual world, what gets me out of bed every morning? Well actually it’s my job. At the risk of sounding like a Beauty Queen Contestant (standing in a skimpy bikini with a forced smile claiming, My hobby is charity work and my one wish is for world peace) I love the fact that I’m part of something worthwhile, something that’s making a real difference. I could give you loads of impressive facts and figures for the Sustainable Innovation Fund, but to me it’s not about data, it’s about changing people’s lives, funding innovations that make lives happier. Chen Davies, Latchaid. Photo courtesy of Latchaid. Supporting new mums Founded by an ordinary working mum called Chen Davies, Latchaid have developed an amazing app that can show new mums interactive 3d animations of the inside of the baby’s mouth, helping achieve a good latch which is vital to successful breastfeeding. Chen is great: she’s just won a Women in Innovation award too. (Also, being so passionate about this particular project earned me the nickname Nips McGee which makes me laugh every single day).).!