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Smarter, cleaner local energy systems for a net zero future

As the plans for the National Infrastructure Bank are announced, Mareike Schmidt asks what do we need to do to encourage the growth of smarter, cleaner local energy systems across the UK. Footprints on the Moon - Reaching net zero One of my all-time favourite books is Footprints on the Moon by Seth Godin. He wants everyone to step up, level up and make a difference. And, as usual, he's telling us stories we won't forget that easily. He describes how the moon landing was a remarkable effort by a whole team – one with the willpower to make John F. Kennedy's commitment to land a man on the Moon a reality. I often think of this when I look at the global challenges of climate change. What will it take to get to net zero , and how do we go about it given the urgency? Coronavirus has taught us that we can act on an unprecedented level, if it is deemed necessary. And that a mixture of local and national action can bring better results for everyone, as with the Covid-19 vaccination programme. In the UK, the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan, the Energy White Paper and the 6th carbon budget from the Climate Change Committee (CCC) have set the road map for our net zero journey. It is good that there has recently been much more recognition of the ‘local’ dimension of delivering net zero projects. National Infrastructure Bank - Achieving net zero carbon But the question is: what practical interventions will help local net zero projects become reality? And how can we provide the right support consistently and at all levels? So, how can we move this forward? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.