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Why “Validate Your Idea’ Is Bad advice

It’s a good idea to validate it. Who doesn’t want to know if their idea works? The issue is certain underlying misconceptions. For starters, we need verifying data, not perfect data. Aiming for validation increases the chance of false positives. We lost months of product development time. After launch, genuine validation arrives. De-risking your idea now saves time. After regaining consciousness, I created a side business that would produce $100K in its first year. Before we begin, note that not all ideas can be de-risked. But not all ideas are risk-free: De-risking is becoming a powerful tool for problems. A risk-taking mindset helps you to seek the truth rather than just validation: -Nobody cares. -The need is not urgent. -It’s top of mind, but not this way. -Postpone without danger risk.