Design and Innovation consultancy focused on service and product creation through design-led strategy.

What we do - We design for human impact.

We put people first, to design, build and launch experiences that redefine industries in our constantly evolving digital era.
We make sense of the latest technology to design digital products and services that surprise and delight the people who use them. By helping our clients to meet customers’ needs and to exceed their constantly, growing expectations, our work enables businesses to transform and thrive in a tricky environment.
As technology develops, it rapidly changes the way people live, work and play – and their expectations shift just as fast. Right at this moment, we’re talking about artificial intelligence, voice-activated assistants, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), but innovative technologies spring up all the time. Fjordians strive for elegant simplicity – it’s hard to achieve but it’s crucial for focusing our minds on our users and helping us to make sense of the complex digital landscape.

  • Design-led Strategy
  • Product Innovation
  • Service Innovation
  • Product Design

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