Klint Marketing

Klint Marketing

Klint Marketing is a Full Service International Marketing Agency.

The CEO, Taylor Ryan worked through numerous start-ups of his own before moving to Denmark. One of the biggest challenges he encountered was a lack of automation and use of technical marketing in most companies.

“The evolution of marketing is progressing at break-neck speed. Using traditional processes isn’t cutting it these days.”

Blending psychology with tools and proven growth models changes the entire game. Too many agencies are relying on outdated techniques to grow their client’s businesses. Why shouldn’t you be both creative and technical?

After seeing first hand the gap between theory and experience, Taylor set out to build a creative agency that also focused on data driven results.

The early days were tough. But Klint is continuing to grow despite a recession brought on by a pandemic and not being native to Denmark.

Klint works with a clear, customizable process to meet your challenges:

STEP 1) Audit - Discover competitors, existing processes, and understand your industry.

STEP 2) Prioritization - Based on time, money, difficulty, and resources we set an action plan for your organization.

STEP 3) Implementation - We execute on omni channel growth strategies that work to grow your reach in the short and long term.

Step 4) Reporting - Dashboards are built that allow you to see daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly progress on every channel.

Step 5) Scalable Growth - Once the foundations have been set and everything is measurable, it's time to grow. Rapid experimentation, growth-hacking, and omni channel marketing.