Consulting Services

Runway is a Silicon Valley-based company providing corporate innovation consulting services and workspace memberships to global enterprises and tech startups. We help them fuel their growth, and make an impact.

Runway started out in 2013 as an incubation and acceleration space for tech startups.

Since then, they have become a nexus for startups, corporate innovators, and investors. Their mission is to bridge the gap between large companies and startups, and connect them to help drive growth for both organizations.

Runway helps companies like IBM, Epson or Emirates identify their biggest growth opportunities, and build customized, hands-on innovation programs (or optimize existing ones) to generate real business results.

Obstacles Runway can help you with:

  • Inability to show tangible results
  • Confusion on where to start and defining key needs
  • Politics, turf wars, and lack of alignment
  • Working with startups that don’t align with your organization
  • Low risk tolerance for trial and error

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