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Construction Careers Just Got More Interesting – And Most Likely, Less Backbreaking

Whether it is a global pandemic or everyday disruptions, most of us default to reaction and agility when faced with a crisis. For many, reactionary behavior is all they know the only option in dealing with disruption is to find the nearest metaphorical fire extinguisher and cauterize the problem immediately. However, in our current COVID-19 world, agility and reactionary behavior is even less productive than it was before. Digital disruptions were already going through the roof and are now accelerated even further as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G connectivity, and groundbreaking innovation in a multitude of industries debuted as a way to respond to COVID-19 and the subsequent global shutdown. And don’t think for a second that it is only white-collar jobs being digitally disrupted the trades, manufacturing, and industry are in the hot seat like never before. We’ve seen it happen in robotic arms assembling motorcycles at Harley Davidson , augmented reality (A.R.) in supply chain management, and most recently, a 3D-printed home in New York . Construction Has Gone Digital You heard me right the same technology that has 3D-printed everything from action figures to a synthetic hand for an amputee just successfully 3D-printed a 1,400-square-foot home in rural New York . If that doesn’t turn heads in the blue-collar world, I don’t know what will! As a consumer, you likely have many questions regarding the structural integrity of a home that has been printed, or you might be wondering how much of the home was printed. Should We Fear Automation in Construction?