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Innovation Culture - a success factor

Innovation, creativity and overall success of a company are highly determined by the presence of an effective corporate culture. The most innovative and successful companies of today such as Google, Netflix, or Tesla have been paying great attention to creating a culture that encourages employees to believe in the importance of their role and in the purpose of the company. But why is corporate culture so relevant for a company to be innovative? What are the characteristics of an effective and innovative corporate culture, and how can it be achieved?

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Create the right environment for innovation

Let’s start from the basis: every leader wants his organization to be successful. Although the ideas of success can be different from one organization to the other – it can be measured as growth and profit, as the ability of creating great products, or as being able to bring prosperity and peace to the world - it’s always the leaders’ responsibility to achieve it. 

Today, the ability of organizations to innovate is considered an essential attribute for reaching successful outcomes. In order for their company to innovate, leaders need to develop and follow strategy, which strictly depends on the culture of the organization. Corporate culture, in fact, plays a great role in determining the success of failure of a company. A negative culture can undermine the company’s strategy to success and innovation, while a positive corporate culture encourages it. Innovation is determined by Strategy which is determined by Culture.

What are the general elements of an Innovation Culture?

The main characteristics of an innovative corporate culture include:

-   The presence of innovative leaders and managers

-   The presence of innovative teams and innovative individuals

-   An environment that encourages innovation

-   Connection with the world outside the organization

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