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Innovation in Cybersecurity: Blockchain and Enterprise Immune Systems

The rapid advancement of technology has demanded that cybersecurity also pick up the pace. However, there are two primary issues affecting cybersecurity at the moment: a vast abundance of malware and human error, and a critical shortage of people experienced in cybersecurity. As a result, companies are turning to new technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to protect against cybercrime. The blockchain ensures digital assets and files are verified by multiple nodes, making it difficult for malicious actors to go undetected. Companies like REMME, Obsidian and Guardtime are using blockchain to revolutionize cybersecurity, making passwords obsolete and securing sensitive records. Conversely, Darktrace is using AI and machine learning to interrupt cyberattacks in real-time. The technology maps out a network and uses AI to determine what normal looks like in a system. It alerts users when there is a deviation from that norm, allowing companies to plan future cyber risk strategies, rather than reacting to past attacks. While it's still early, blockchain and AI/EIS solutions hold great promise in the world of cybersecurity.