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Think Outside The Control Panel: How To Stay Employable In A Digital World

While there is a generational war between the young and the old in the workplace created by the younger generation’s familiarity with technology and the older generation’s aversion to it, a multigenerational concern that plagues all age groups is that technology will outpace humans, leaving many unemployed. It is an understandable fear, especially if you consider my Hard Trend Methodology . Hard Trends are future certainties that will happen, and digital disruption, which includes and is certainly not limited to artificial intelligence (A.I.), is without question a Hard Trend, further authenticating the fear of losing your job to technology. However, there is great news: humans will always be needed, just in new ways! The Cognitive Domain Let’s first look at Bloom’s Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain , a hierarchy of the cognitive processes of a human being. On the bottom, you have remembering, which involves recall and listing information. Next comes understanding, where comprehension and discussion take place, and third is applying that knowledge from understanding. Fourth is the ability to analyze patterns, fifth has us evaluating those patterns to draw conclusions, and at the very top of this pyramid is creating: using old concepts to create new ideas. The higher you go on the pyramid, the more human these pieces to the cognitive domain become in our age of digital disruption. The bottom half of the pyramid consists of elements rooted in science and math, subjects and competencies that are at the forefront of career paths younger generations are guided toward.I.I.