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Your idea sucks, now go do it anyway

But go ahead and do it. ’My concept isn’t good enough yet,’ a buddy who was thinking about starting a business said. He wants to give the concept time to mature before committing to it. The good news is that this is completely meaningless because your company will be something entirely different. See? In 1998, a firm was handed $4.8 million for the purpose of ’beaming money between Palm Pilots.’ MoneyBeamer is the codename for this project. Voilà. Alice want to offer Bob money, but she does not have any. There are no ATMs in sight. Despite the fact that they had forgotten about all of their other options for money transmission, Alice and Bob remembered to bring their palm pilots. It will allow Alice to make a payment to Bob. MoneyBeamer will call a server and transfer the money if it has the money in hand and there has been no hidden change of heart. Would you be interested in purchasing them? No way in hell. It was a PayPal account. Through the use of a user-friendly online banking system, they made it feasible to transfer money via email. They incurred a $1.3 billion cost to eBay. They are now making $2,000 every second. It is not our intention to criticize bad ideas. In reality, it doesn’t make a difference. Ignore the first point. Second, the only way to discover it is to give it a shot. It’s not included in the PowerPoint or Photoshop mock-ups, either. So go ahead and fail! ’It’s past time to take things seriously.’ Have you ever witnessed the evolution of a great concept? Comment!