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Explore how organizations can find ways to innovate from end-to-end with resources that help you understand and organize your complete innovation funnel.

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End-to-end innovation is a comprehensive, customer-centric approach to innovation that delivers improved business performance. It integrates and manages the key stages of the innovation process: ideation, development, implementation and measurement.

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What is end-to-end innovation?

End-to-end innovation has been described as the ability to see and create value at every stage of a customer's journey, from initial need through purchase and use. This is a holistic, or “full spectrum”, innovation strategy that casts a wide net. It refers to focusing on the entire value chain for an offering, not just its parts. The term can be applied to any market--tangible goods, financial services, software systems. The idea is to innovate from beginning to end, with a focus on the customer journey and value chain.

Involve more people and create an innovation process that innovates from left to right, top to bottom.

The value of end-to-end innovation focus

End-to-end innovation focus is a research methodology that takes you from idea generation to implementation. It creates value for the end user and the company by cutting costs and speeding time-to-market. Innovation in the modern era is more than just a department-or company-wide phenomenon. It's about connecting ideas, people, and processes across the entire enterprise to create better customer experiences. Innovation must become embedded in every part of your business model to be truly disruptive.

What are the benefits?

This method of innovation is effective because it can bring together highly innovative people and help them work on one problem. It’s a way to create more opportunities and initiatives, and it’s a great way to solve business problems.