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Tom Spike

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TOM SPIKE is a Berlin-based innovation consultancy that supports industries and service providers in the creation of innovations. Our teams have longtime experiences in international corporations.

We facilitate faster and more successful innovations. Active support by means of workshops and coachings. Specific innovation intents become successful products and business models in the twinkling of an eye!

You can get a free initial consultation at their premises.

Time does not stand still, competitors don´t rest and progressive development is required. Structured innovation helps to identify in which direction your development will inevitably go. You will detect the most important obstacles and will learn how to overcome them. If you want to make a big leap forward, let’s talk about it.


According to Peter Drucker, innovation is one of the two main functions of every company. Innovation consulting is, therefore, a special form of management consulting that aims to strengthen the innovative capacity of companies. Thus, their ability to create fundamental change or total innovation and to make them successful in their target group.

A strong ability to innovate is characterized by a continuous stream of new ideas that meet a relevant need, by a high success rate in their implementation and by a completely unique position in the market as a result.

Services included in innovation consulting are, for example:

  • Advising innovation projects
  • Strengthening capacities for innovation
  • Developing innovation processes
  • Developing competencies for individuals and companies
  • Executing innovation work packages

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