Innovation Sprint

A time-boxed process for rapidly prototyping and testing new ideas, typically involving a cross-functional team working intensively over a short period of time.

An Innovation Sprint is a structured approach to problem solving that utilizes the creativity of team members to generate innovative solutions. This method encourages teams to focus on fast iteration and testing of ideas within a set timeline. Innovation Sprints bring together interdisciplinary teams from different parts of an organization to identify potential problems and craft creative solutions. Participants typically use brainstorming sessions, experimentation with new tools, collaborative discussions, and prototyping exercises to come up with breakthrough ideas. By focusing on rapid development cycles over several days or weeks, an Innovation Sprint provides the opportunity for teams to explore uncharted territory and develop creative solutions that may not have been possible through traditional methods.  

The Goal of Innovation Sprints
Unlike traditional brainstorming sessions which can be unfocused or overly theoretical, the goal of an Innovation Sprint is to produce tangible outcomes within the allotted time period. To ensure success during the sprint period it’s important that team members are clear on their roles before starting the process – each person should have ownership over at least one area of responsibility such as research, analysis or ideation. Teams should also use agile project management techniques such as daily check-ins or standups throughout the sprint period in order to track progress against goals.

A successful example of this process was used by Google X when they developed their self-driving car initiative in 2009 - ‘Project Chauffeur’ – which was later renamed Waymo LLC after spinning off from Google X in 2016. In less than two years their team had taken Project Chauffeur from concept stage all the way through building out prototypes ready for testing on public roads – proving just how powerful innovation sprints can be when used correctly!

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