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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

What is Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is about how an organization not only obtains but also uses and stores collective knowledge. In order to facilitate knowledge management companies often use digital platforms to store and analysis knowledge. Knowledge management has the task to ensure that specialist knowledge of all employees does not leave with them, and is used to the benefit of the organization.

In the business world, knowledge management is often used to create a competitive advantage. By using knowledge management an organization can be more efficient and effective in its operations. In addition, it allows for better decision making as employees have access to a greater pool of information.

How to Get Started with Knowledge Management

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for knowledge management, as the best way to manage knowledge will vary depending on the organization and its needs. However, there are some general steps that can be taken to get started with knowledge management:

1. Define what kind of knowledge your organization needs to manage. This will help you identify which digital platforms and tools are best suited for your purposes.

2. Create a plan for how you will collect and store this information. This may involve setting up databases or intranets, or using cloud-based storage solutions.

3. Train employees in how to use these systems so that they can contribute their own expertise to the pool of collective knowledge.

4. Encourage employees to share their knowledge with others in the organization, and provide incentives for doing so.

5. Regularly review and update your knowledge management system to ensure it is still fit for purpose.