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Human-centred innovation in a digital world.

Today we are facing many current disruptions where we need to react fast and intelligently. There are many situations we are facing that are a race against time. As we continue to respond to Covid-19, technology has the power to reduce the complexity often faced, speed up and contribute to solutions that help resolve pressing issues. We recognize that equally as important as the technology are the people using the technology. Having people at the centre of designs enables more intelligent, rapid and lasting innovation. The Digital Twin is where data from the physical and virtual world come together and is increasingly where people and technology come together to resolve many of today’s challenges. Applying human-centred innovation Tony Hemmelgarn, the CEO of Siemens Digital Industries Software , presented Human-centred Innovation at the Hannover Messe show (April 12th to 16th , 2021), which was held in a virtual environment. Siemens provided a three-day event showcasing their hardware and software solutions and many other technology innovations. Tony touched on how digital technology is being used to solve today’s present issues and how working with the comprehensive digital twin and having people at the heart of the design make a significant contribution to some current challenges. Throughout the presentations, the digital twin was positioned as the catalyst for change, with the digital twin featured in nearly every presentation and across the stories of Siemens customers from multiple industries. Airlines are looking to encourage us back onto their