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ISS Art Startup Guide

ISS Art Startup Guide

Startup guide is easy-to-read guidelines for making a breakthrough pitch deck and a speech and building relationships with investors to get money.

The guide will help you to:
✅ Validate your idea and idea wording
✅ Compile a pitch deck  
✅ Prepare a Founder's speech
✅ Create a development and business plans
✅ Find and attract investors to fund your startup  

The guide is compiled by ISS Art - IT company that works with startups, accelerators and groups of angel investors.  The company has been working with startups since 2013 and co-founded Startup House in Silicon Valley.  Taking part in validating ideas and investing in products ISS Art understands that startups still make mistakes in compiling pitch decks and in establishing contacts with accelerators and angel investors. As a result the team developed the guide which is available on the following link