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Innovation topics - explanation

In order to facilitate the navigation on the Really Good Innovation site, topics are used to tag resources. In the following, the different tags are listed and explained. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you feel that some topic is missing!

Innovation types

Green Innovation

Green innovation or also eco-innovation includes innovations that focus on aspects such as waste reduction, cleaner energy, circular economy or a reduced need of natural resources. It is thus about environmental and sustainable innovations and is part of social innovation. The main focus is to innovate in order to not harm our planet and all of its ecosystems.

Process Innovation

This innovation type is about changing processes and approaches. Process innovation is often seen in the light of operational efficiencies, improving and streamlining production or supply chain processes. However, this can also target HR processes, or even the process of innovation itself: structuring that process more can help to find more and better ideas and implement them in a meaningful way.

Social Innovation

Social innovations focus on improvements that benefit our society, be it through new products, services, processes or whole business models. It is thereby a way to bring positive change to our world, reduce inequality, eradicate poverty but also tackle climate change. The topic of social innovation is crucial and if you can innovate business models in a way to address global challenges, many people will benefit from this.

Open Innovation

This topic addresses the "how" of innovation. Open innovation aims at a collaborative approach instead of a silo mentality. Using an open innovation approach for your R&D means to collaborate with other organizations, share approaches and technology in order to achieve progress together. This approach is based on the idea that you can benefit a lot if you have access to more knowhow than what exists inside your organization.

Incremental Innovation

Opposite to disruptive innovation, incremental innovation aims at a step-by-step change process. A lot of innovation happens this way, as we always strive to make things a little bit better. Our society might not be very far if we would only focus on this type of innovation, because it often does not radically challenge the way that we do things. Nevertheless this approach can help us to gradually implement customer feedback and adapt our products and services to the competitive environment.

Disruptive Innovation

This is to opposite to the incremental changes that often happen when we make a product a little bit better. Disruptive innovation aims at challenging the way we do things and aims and completely turning things upside down. This is often not something that you can plan but rather it happens when you combine different ideas with new technology and think out of the box.

Product Innovation

This type of innovation aims to improve the products and services that we have. This can be either by small and incremental changes or through disruptive innovation, leading to completely new product experiences. Product innovation isn't necessarily about physical products but includes more and more digital solutions as well.

Business Model Innovation

When an organization innovates its business model, it tries to create value in a different way or for different customers. Whether the value proposition or the target customer (or both) are changed, business model innovations can lead to important changes. This type of innovation can also include aspect such as "how do you partner with other companies?", "what are the resources you need?" or "how do you create revenues?".

Innovation terms

Innovation Hub

As the name says, this is a hub where innovation happens. It can be either a physical or a digital space (such as and intends to help an organization generate, incubate and accelerate ideas. Such a hub can either be internally where different parts of the organization come together to work on innovations, or externally where organizations and stakeholders collaborate to find and develop new ideas.

Remote Innovation

While it is still highly beneficial to have a physical workshop where people sit in the same room and ideate together, remote innovation becomes increasingly popular and also offers many advantages. Collaboration and idea management tools (such as Ideanote) offer structures for remote innovation and will help you to find and work on ideas even if you are far apart from your colleagues. With remote innovation, there is also no limit on the amount of people that you want to include in the process. Just set up the right structures and invite all your colleagues globally to join the virtual brainstorming.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a big buzzword nowadays but it is also crucial for any organization, be it a non profit, a startup or a global holding company. It is thereby not meant to just exchange some old software with newer programs. Instead, digital transformation means to move the whole business to a more digital real: think of how to digitalize processes, workflows, products, services and whole business models in order to be more adaptable to your environment and to save money and time.


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