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Trend Map Template and Guide to prepare for the future

What is a trend map?

A trend map is a visualization of important trends that can have an influence on your organization. With the help of a trend map template you are therefore able to illustrate what the key external factors are that affect your business now and in the future. A trend map can be done for a specific product, for a business segment, for a country or for global operations and can help to understand shifts in social norms, as well as technological developments.

Trend Map by infuture institute

Why do we need trend mapping?

Trends have a huge influence on possible innovation, both in a negative and in a positive way. Trend mapping enables you to be aware of different trends and helps you to include them in your innovation strategy. Use the trend map to see potential barriers but also as a source of inspiration. Consider first using the trend profile template.

Trend Map
Trend Map Example by FSG

How to use the trend map template

1. Review the predefined categories displayed in our template below and decide whether some are not relevant for your business or whether others are missing.

2. Use the trend profiles you already filled out or start by defining specific trends (based on customer and expert insights and market research)

3. Have a brainstorming session in your team to discuss the different trends and to assess how quickly a trend will have an impact (1-5 years; 5-10 years; >10 years?).

4. Plot the trends into the trend map. Use this template or draw your own.

Trend Map Template by RGI


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