Value Proposition Canvas

Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas looks at two of the building blocks from the Business Model Canvas. The tool can be used both to improve existing value propositions, or create new ones. On the left side is the Value Proposition, which describes the proposed value of your business model in detail. On the right side, the Customer Segment Profile describes the specific target customer.

How to use the template
Fill out the Value Proposition Canvas to the best of your abilities. Then go out and talk to the target customer to refine it.

Customer Segment
Customer Jobs: What are customers trying to get done in their work or in their life? This doesn't only include functional jobs (e.g. driving from A to B) but also social jobs (e.g. gaining a good reputation) or personal jobs (e.g. achieving peace of mind or feeling more safe).
Customer Pains: What do the customers not like? What problems do they have? What obstacles are in their way to get certain jobs done?
Customer Gains: What are the outcomes customers aspire? What does the customer expect from a value proposition?

Value Proposition
Products and Services: List all the products and services your value proposition includes and how relevant they are.
Pain Relievers: How does your value proposition address and solve specific customer pains?
Gain Creators: How does your value proposition enhance or create specific customer gains

In the end, your value proposition and your customer segment need to fit together! Otherwise either side needs to be realigned.